Your roof may need urgent repairs if you notice these signs

Ah, roofs. Roofs are like silent guardians for our homes. The sky is always over us. We can’t escape them. They have their breaking point, as with everything. How about we chat informally about signs that your roof may be sending out an S.O.S. How about roof restoration Sydney, go here?

You’ve probably noticed a water stain that looks “artistic”. Maybe you noticed some dampness in the attic while venturing there? Your roof is basically saying “Hey!” Here’s the problem: We have a leaky roof! Checking this out is always better than waiting for rain before inviting someone inside.

Shingles sometimes can get a little dramatic. Once they have had it, they will curl up or crack. Sometimes they may even just leave the roof. The antics they display may indicate that their time is up, and you should consider a makeover.

You’ve probably seen them. Not the green roofs, but those with a surprising garden of moss and algae. The roofs might appear whimsical and fairytale, but in reality they are holding moisture which can be bad for the shingles.

Have you ever heard of droopy eyebrows or droopy shingles? It’s time to act if your roof appears as though it’s dancing a sad and saggy song. This roof is bent like a spine. It doesn’t look good and it can be dangerous.

Shingles are covered in something called granules, which act as sunscreen. They can shed these granules and, if you notice your gutters looking like they are sanding a beach, your roof may be feeling UV damage.

The wooden roofing, although it gives a rustic charm, comes with fine print. You can get them to warp and worse still, they could rot. They look as if they have the flu and you’ll want to act fast.

Are you getting bills for energy that would make you believe you were powering a tiny country? Sometimes the problem is directly above your head. An old roof may not insulate your house as well as it could. It’s well worth checking if your heating and cooling costs are high.

The real problem is when you are up attic, and not only can the stars be seen in your eye, but they’re also visible from the rooftop.

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