Top Picks: The Best Grills Under $200 for Great Outdoor Cooking

In backyards across the United States, as well as on porches and terraces around the world, gas barbecue grills hold a prominent place. It’s not without reason. These are reliable and convenient. Read more now on Check out our top picks for the best charcoal grills under $200.

The store was my first stop today. I wanted to look closely at all the grills. I was surprised to see the differences first-hand. It was my intention to go to a large box store where there I would find a wide selection. Some of the grills at lower prices were very basic and did not have features I liked. On the contrary, I was not interested in the features of the high-end grills. Below are some things I learned.

By comparing gas BBQ grills in order of price, you can quickly see the differences. Small, thin, metal-topped grills with few burners had the cheapest prices. The cheapest ones are small, have fewer burners, smaller temperature gauges, and thin metal tops. You start to see small improvements as the price increases. As an example, you can see that the size of the handles to open and shut the lid top has increased. The unit looks better. Also, you notice the access method to the tank of propane is more intuitive. These cheaper models often come with a wimpy “lifty thingy” (as the technical name is) that makes it impossible to get to the propane tank valve. No, thank you. It makes more sense to buy a gas BBQ with a door that opens or one that is accessible through the back.

These grills, as well as some of the middle priced ones, often have side tables and side burners built-in. They are also heavy duty and feature a variety of great features. Many of these, and some middle-priced grills also have side burners or tables built in. Although I initially didn’t like the idea of a separate burner, I have found it to be very handy. The side burner is used for cooking a dish while food is being cooked nearby. You can use it anywhere, even if your barbecue is not at home. With a side-burner, you can easily prepare sauces, corn on the ear, and even creative desserts. These cheap models just can’t do that.

A final note on gas BBQs is that the surfaces of the grills themselves are important. It has been my experience that grill surfaces can have a significant impact on the quality of food. There are some grills that have a wide surface and let the food make contact more. Other surfaces have more of a ridged or prominent surface. It’s the latter I prefer. The less surfaces that meat and vegetables have to contact the grill helps prevent this. Either cooking spray or aluminium foil will do.

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