These Are The Top 5 Tips To Help You Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing bankruptcy can be frightening and complicated. People who are forced into bankruptcy are usually emotionally exhausted and unable handle the required filings and handlings. This can be stressful and draining if you don’t have a bankruptcy attorney. How do you choose the right bankruptcy lawyer? How can you find the best bankruptcy attorney? Here are some ways to choose the right bankruptcy lawyer – discover more.

Attorney Bar Association

What are the steps you should take to find a bankruptcy lawyer? These cases are too important to be left in the yellow pages. Your local bar association can help you find bankruptcy judges in your region. Most bankruptcy court panel attorneys are specialists in the area. This will boost your confidence when choosing someone. This will decrease the number of candidates that you select.

Refer to

It is unfortunate that 2009 saw a greater number of bankruptcy filings than any previous year. It will get worse as 2010 approaches. Ask around. Ask close friends, family members and others who have dealt bankruptcy matters. Ask around. It can be difficult to manage bankruptcy. It is difficult to find a lawyer who is an expert in your area. It’s important that you find someone who is capable of handling it quickly and with ease. Talking to other people in similar situations is a good idea before hiring an attorney.


Ask your lawyer for information about the benefits of declaring bankruptcy. What are the differences between filing a Chapter 11, Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition or Chapter 13? What are the requirements for an attorney to help you get started? How long does the entire process take? What should you expect? Who will you take to the courtroom? These are the questions you need to ask before you make a move. It is important to find an attorney who can answer these questions. Your potential lawyer might not be able to answer these questions.


Before you hire a legal professional, be sure to ask about the costs. Ask about the cost. Is there an agreement in writing regarding fees? Are there any additional charges that could be unexpected? The lawyer should detail the worst case scenario and explain the hourly fees. Also, the lawyer should explain the fees structure. Do not be intimidated by attorneys asking for fees agreements. Many lawyers will request you to sign a fees agreement right from the beginning. It is a sign of how serious the attorney is in representing your interests.

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