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Take Care Of Your Car like The Pros

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You probably want your BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari or other high-end luxury vehicle to look the same as when it was new detailbroski. It’s easy to keep your car looking amazing and better than it did on that first day. It’s not cheap to keep your car looking its best. High-end detailing can cost hundreds or even thousands of money. This is in addition to the fact that cars need to be detailed every 2/3 months.

Many economy detailers are available that will wash your car and give you a wax for less than $100.00. These detailers are often in a hurry and use inferior products. This begs the question: why are high-end luxury car detailing professionals charging more than economy detailers? Their choice of products is the answer. There are many car care products that you can choose from, each with its own price point. A typical 8 oz container of “economy” wax costs around $12.00. A 8-oz jar “premium” car wash could run well above $1,000.00. This range of car waxes is reserved for Super-Cars today, which are more than $200,000.00. Paint-jobs can run over $10,000. The jars are more appropriate for moderate-sized luxury cars and cost around $100.00 each.

Now the real question: Who makes this wax? Zymol is the right answer. Zymol is considered to be the best manufacturer of automotive care products in the detailing market. Carbon Wax, their entry-level wax, is the most basic. This wax retails at $49.00 and can be used in many different applications. Zymol Concours Wax can give your vehicle a more glossy shine. This wax retails at $175.00, and is great for those who want to take their car detailing skills to the next level. It might be tempting to ask why one would spend so much money on wax for cars and what the difference is between waxes with different prices. Carnauba is your answer. Carnauba is a wax that is made from the carnauba leaves, a plant which is only found in northeastern Brazil. A wax with more carnauba will provide greater protection and reflective shine to an automobile’s exterior.

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