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How To Smartly Buy Storage Unit Auctions

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It is important to make the right choices when buying storage units that are no longer in use. It is easy to get carried away in the rush and end up purchasing junk check my site. Silent auctions are a good opportunity to really evaluate the contents of the units. You should always open as many boxes possible to discover what’s inside. Don’t assume that something that is labeled “gold bar” actually contains gold bars. Bidding decisions should be based on what the unit contains and what you believe you can sell them for. Our standard formula calls for at least two times the amount of money we spend on each item and the total cost of the unit.

For example, if I find an item I can sell for $50.00, I would not pay more that $25.00. Before making an assessment of an item, you need to know its value. It might be a smart idea to keep an internet connection handy so you can check the value of your item during an auction. This is the best method to obtain accurate pricing information via the internet.

Bidding at live auctions is a delicate business. Make sure you get the best view possible. You should not be afraid of standing up in front during bidding to have a clear view on the items being offered. Stand tall to be able to see the back of your unit. Remember to bring your flashlights. Your bids should reflect the content stored within the unit. Even large storage units can only hold a portion of what is needed. You should keep your bids modest unless there is something very valuable in the unit.