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Beginner’s guide to painting beautiful flowers: botanical art

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You can learn to draw. It is important to go back and learn the basics of painting flowers if your paintings leave you frustrated or disappointed. It is possible to waste talent and time if you know how to paint but you don’t have the basic understanding of tonal values and form, click for source.

Beginner’s guide to painting beautiful flowers: botanical art

You can learn to paint flowers from my examples. Drawing is something you can easily learn. My opinion is that you can become a better and more accurate artist by studying botanical art.

My passion for botanical art runs deep. In addition to selling my flower prints around the world, I also run botanical workshops. But before I became a professional painter, I learned how to draw.

Drawing skills that are accurate are crucial to botanical art. The art of botanical illustration is beautiful, popular and something I’m passionate about. This form of art has its roots in scientific illustration, whose aim is to communicate knowledge. Prior to photography’s invention, botanical images were used as lenses on cameras. They captured nature’s complexity and beauty.

The same principles are used in both painting and drawing to produce an illusion of 3D depth on a 2D surface. What you are holding is what I believe makes the difference between a pen and a painting brush.

The skills of walking and running follow each other. Before you could run, you had to first learn to walk. Next, you should learn to paint. You may wish to experiment with different styles such as impressionist, abstract, and approximate once you have mastered painting.

In that case, all painters must be competent and able to accurately draw. Question is, will they? The opinion is personal. To defend your position, name one great artist who couldn’t draw.