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Top 10 Holiday Meal Prep Tips

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Avoid another holiday meal preparation meltdown. Experts https://www.my-prep.co.uk that planning ahead will help you save a lot of time and stress on the day. Here are 10 tips to help you prepare holiday meals that will make your holiday a Zen experience.

1. As far ahead as possible.

It’s like packing for a vacation. You’ll be able to remember last-minute items if you pack a few days in advance.

2. Make 2 trips to the Grocery Store.

You will need to make a master list with all the things you will need at the grocery store. Then, you can split that list into two lists: those items you can buy in advance and those that you must buy last-minute. The 2nd list will likely have fewer than 10 items. This means you can save time by getting in the express line right before the holidays.

3. Take a look at prepared foods.

Professional chefs will tell you that just simply because something is in a can doesn’t necessarily mean it is less quality than the fresh version. If there’s no significant difference in quality, go for the prepared version.

4. You might consider a slow cooker.

A slow cooker can be a great choice if you have 8 or less guests who don’t like dark meat. The turkey breast is delicious when it’s seasoned with dry soup mixture. It takes very little effort to cook, makes its own gravy, is easy to carve and requires very little cleanup. Pot roast and pork loin are also excellent options for slow cooking (seasoned with cranberry glaze). You’ll be convinced if you test it on your family members a few weeks in advance.

5. Thermometers can be your friends.

Food thermometers, which are relatively affordable kitchen equipment, will make your life easier. Keep several of them on hand for specific purposes.

6. You can also have a dual timer as a friend.

A dual timer is another inexpensive option. It’s great for tracking multiple items and your nap during holiday meal preparation.

7. Get rid of your frigs and clean up your counters.

You can clean out your fridge a few days before the big holiday meal if you have been avoiding it. If you are planning to cook a turkey, you’ll need plenty of space. Take everything off your kitchen counters the evening before the big event.

8. You can design your serving pieces ahead of time.

You don’t want guests to rush you looking for the right serving dishes, platters and utensils when they arrive. Instead, you can cut small pieces of paper the night before and write each dish’s name on it. Then, place the paper in the dish with the serving utensils.

9. Last-Minute Help? Ask your guests.

Okay, so you have everything planned out perfectly. But…EEK…you forgot to add the ice. Cell phones are a great tool for this. Do not hesitate to call someone you know who will be passing by a grocery shop on your way.

10. Schedule in Nap/Relaxation time.

You’ve done as much the night before as you can. Now, the table is ready. Relax for an hour two hours before guests arrive. This will give you an hour to finish the details, and you’ll still be fresh.