SEO Reseller India: The most successful model of outsourcing SEO services

SEO Reseller India is India’s single largest revenue source for SEO companies.

The success of SEO is dependent on high-quality White Hat organic services provided by well-established SEO companies who employ Google certified, qualified and experienced SEO professionals. Read more now on seo service

What is SEO Reseller India?

It is not feasible for a business or individual to hire full-time SEO staff and set up a dedicated development center to serve the needs of just one or two clients. It is not only expensive and difficult to obtain funding from financial institutions but also quite challenging to hire Project Managers and Team Leaders to manage and supervise the team.

SEO Reseller India is a clear winner, offering a win-win scenario for both the SEO Company as well as the Reseller.

The working model of SEO Reseller India can be described as very simple. Resellers sell the SEO Company’s services, including SEM, PPC, and SEO to customers worldwide, and explain the benefits of a content-based, organic SEO strategy, which incorporates Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird Updates. They distinguish themselves from other SEO companies who provide cheap, run-of the-mill SEO services that are based on automated link farms and keywords. The Resellers will approach the SEO Company when an enquiry is made. Together, they can offer SEO Consultancy to the customer. The SEO Company is not identified and acts as if they were part of the Reseller’s team. The Reseller signs the project agreement with the client and then the project begins.

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